Phase 1 - Background

Southwest New Brunswick Marine Resources Management Plan Development

A Joint Federal / Provincial Integrated Management Initiative


  • The Bay of Fundy is renowned for its rich physical and biological features. It is those same rich features which have contributed to its importance as an area of significant economic activity supporting a number of coastal communities.  
  • The ability to sustain the health of the Bay of Fundy ecosystem while realizing the social and economic benefits which can derive from activities in the marine environment present significant challenges for interests in the Bay of Fundy.  
  • Additionally, limits on the space available for human activities challenge resource users and regulators to develop policies and processes which are open, transparent and sustain the health of the Bay of Fundy.
  • The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans launched discussions in early 2004 focused on a desire to improve resource planning and management in the southwestern portion of the Bay of Fundy.  
  • Previous efforts aimed at improving the dialogue among interests in the Bay on specific activities led to the establishment of the Bay of Fundy Stakeholders Forum in September 2001. The Forum proved to be a useful mechanism for information sharing, however the need to go beyond information sharing to a proactive planning mechanism was recognized by both levels of government.  
  • The concept of developing a Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Planning Process (BoFMRPP) as well as draft Terms of Reference for the initiative were presented to the Bay of Fundy Stakeholders Forum in May 2004.  
  • The development of the BoFMRPP was launched in September 2004.
  • It is expected that the plan will provide a basis for taking informed decisions under federal and provincial legislation.   As additional provincial and federal authorities are engaged in the development of the plan, the scope may be expanded.
  • The proposed planning area is defined by that area having an eastern boundary limit of the Saint John Harbour authority jurisdictional border and a western boundary limit of the Canadian - United States international border and from the high water mark to the mid-bay line in the Bay of Fundy.
  • This initiative will include a two-phase approach. In PHASE I of this initiative, the Southwestern Bay of Fundy Marine Resources Planning Process Committee was created.   With the completion the draft Phase I Report, next steps include the distribution of a public letter and survey to inform local residents regarding the intent and potential benefits of developing the plan and to seek their comments and input to the process.   Phase II will begin with the completion of the Phase I report that will include comments from the public.
  • In PHASE II , The following NEXT STEPS ( upon receiving senior government approval to proceed ).
  • Obtain Official Government Recognition. Identify all the departments and key contacts that have a jurisdictional/legislative mandate for activities and use of the area. Meet with the agencies to achieve buy-in and participation in the planning concept, process implementation.   Where required prepare the proposed protocol / MOU between departments specific to this project. If feasible, develop a standard protocol to define roles and responsibilities for signature.
  • Prepare a public education and feedback process.   Including a MLA briefing, a press release, a mail out to residents informing them of the intent to develop a marine plan and seeking their input. Establish a web presence for information and feedback. CRA to lead.
  • Establish a technical working committee to prepare a background document for public consultation.   The document is accompanied by GIS mapping.
  • This background document goes out for public consultation to ensure that everyone agrees on the baseline from which a plan is developed.   Local knowledge is received during the public meetings.   Public meetings are managed by the Plan development committee/ task force/commissioner.
  • A draft generic PLAN is prepared that applies to the entire planning region.   The development of the plan is managed by the Plan Development committee with support of the technical working group and an independent consultant.
  • The draft plan is sent out for public consultation.
  • Second or final draft plan is prepared, consultations will occur as required.
  • Final Plan is submitted to government for approval and implementation.  
  • Establish a Marine Resources Management Committee, develop; Terms of Reference, a process of application review and structure for recommendations, identify the legal status if required, and appoint membership.
  • Manage and monitor the Plan’s implementation and use, establish the process for annual review update and modification of the plan, implement the review process yearly.
  • Review and revise the plan:   2011


Community Input

The Southwest N.B. Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee encourages and supports all input from members of the community relative to policies or other items from meeting agendas or issues considered to be of significant public concern. Click Here to send us your comments