Background Information - Phase 1

Letter to the Community

Dear Neighbour,
Marine Wonder!

The Bay of Fundy is one of the marine wonders of the world. Past and present generations have benefited greatly from the Bay’s resources. We must remember, however, that it is a gift of nature that must be used responsibly so that future generations may also enjoy its benefits.

Resource demands

In Southwestern New Brunswick, we rely heavily on the Bay of Fundy resources. There is a diverse range of uses including:

  • commercial fishing and harvesting
  • salmon aquaculture
  • fish processing
  • shipping
  • heavy industry
  • ferry traffic, and
  • tourism.

These economic activities must also make room for the expectations of coastal landowners and recreational users. All this has to carry on without degrading the health of the Bay itself.

Limited resources

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 5.2As people make more demands on the Bay, conflicts arise over what the best use of its limited resources and space should be and how the Bay should be protected. Decisions are made regularly that affect the Bay and those who use it. Often, many believe that a decision did not take into account the long-term health of the Bay or the needs of other users. In other jurisdictions, decision-makers have opted to develop marine resource management plans to resolve such conflicts, guide future development and protect the health of coastal waters. Such plans are developed through extensive public participation.

The time for a plan has come

We have been involved in issues regarding the appropriate use of the Bay of Fundy for years, many times arguing on the opposite side of those issues. We believe the time has come to consider developing a marine resource management plan for the Southwestern Bay of Fundy.

Our future

Our hope is that such a plan, arrived at with full public participation , will reduce those conflicts and help us meet the mutual goals of sustainable coastal communities and a healthy Bay of Fundy for our children and grandchildren.

Your views are important!

Please continue to read and then answer the questions in the online survey. Only with your important input will we succeed in the task of responsible use and stewardship of this marine wonder at our doorsteps.


How did this discussion begin?

In the spring of 2004, the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada brought forward the idea of a marine resource planning process. In September, a working group was formed to discuss the concept further and to decide on whether and how to proceed.

After several meetings, the working group agreed that the Southwest Bay of Fundy could greatly benefit from marine resource management planning and decided to solicit feedback from the public as the next step.

What is a Marine Resources Management Plan?

  • It is a tool to manage current and future marine activities within specified areas to meet specific goals.
  • It would define the types of activities and development that would or would not be allowed in particular areas.
  • It would outline a process by which the permitted activities would be managed.
  • It would also provide a process for amending the management plan based on new information or changing circumstances.

Why develop a Marine Resource Management Plan?

Developing a plan for the Southwestern Bay of Fundy would take time and considerable commitment from all involved. However, having a management plan in place for coastal waters can result in a number of benefits. It would create a framework for economic development that does not impair the Bay of Fundy. It would provide greater transparency, better information exchange, and more fairness in decision-making. It would also encourage people to work together to support community development and stewardship of the Bay of Fundy.

What would be guiding principles of a Marine Resources Management Plan?

It must protect and sustain the health of the Bay of Fundy into the future while allowing an opportunity for people to make a living today. It would be grounded in what people value about their relationship with the Bay of Fundy and would seek to protect those values.

You can also visit this site for additional information on the process. This survey is just the start. There will be additional opportunities to provide input into the process.

Thank you for taking the time to care about the Bay of Fundy

Signed by the members of the Southwestern Bay of Fundy
Marine Resourses Planning Process Committee:

Community Input

The Southwest N.B. Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee encourages and supports all input from members of the community relative to policies or other items from meeting agendas or issues considered to be of significant public concern. Click Here to send us your comments