Southwest New Brunswick Marine Advisory Committee Formed

Date: Apr 03, Wed. 06:55 pm

Southwest New Brunswick Marine Advisory Committee Formed

People in coastal communities in southwest New Brunswick have a new avenue to ensure their voices are heard on issues impacting this portion of the Bay of Fundy.

The Government of New Brunswick and Fisheries and Oceans Canada have set up a Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee to provide a broad perspective on issues in the Bay. The Committee will hold its next meeting on May 10, 2013 to discuss relevant policies, processes and issues related to the management of activities in the southwest portion of the Bay.

"An important component of the make-up of the committee is that members do not represent specific sectors or interests. Advisory committee members are expected to interact and communicate with members of the public from their area and reflect these perspectives on the issues under discussion," said Bob Sweeney, committee co-chair. The Regional Director General of the Maritimes Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Deputy Minister of the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries will serve as the other co-chair on a rotating basis.

Members were selected based on their knowledge and expertise of the marine area and to provide individual perspectives from their diverse backgrounds.

The Committee will meet three times a year. A total of 14 individuals have been appointed to the Committee. This followed recommendations from the Steering Committee of the Bay of Fundy Marine Resources Planning Process, an initiative that at was formed to develop a new approach to planning and development in the Bay of Fundy.

Current members are:

• Maria-Ines Buzeta
• Jessie Davies
• Phillip Ells
• Dave Giddens
• Mac Greene
• Ken Hirtle
• Kim McKinley
• Lois Mitchell
• Nick Paul
• Gerhard Pohle
• Mike Rouse
• Klaus Sonnenberg
• Bob Sweeney
• Greg Thompson

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Community Input

The Southwest N.B. Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee encourages and supports all input from members of the community relative to policies or other items from meeting agendas or issues considered to be of significant public concern. Click Here to send us your comments