Public Participation critical step in developing Marine Resources Plan for Bay of Fundy region

Date: Nov 20, Tue. 04:35 pm

(St.George) “Have Your Opinion Heard” is the theme of public consultations that are underway to develop a comprehensive plan for the Southwest New Brunswick marine area. The project, to be carried out by the Southwest New Brunswick Marine Resources Planning Steering Committee is supported by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Province of New Brunswick.  “Our committee has been tasked with building a plan for our unique area of the Bay of Fundy, starting with the people who live and work in the area” explains Susan Farquharson, Chair of the Marine Resources Planning Initiative.  “This is not going to be a plan drafted by government, or by any particular interest group or sector.  It must be developed collaboratively by everyone who has a stake in the future of this precious resource.” The initial planning process was launched and endorsed by the two levels of government in 2004. A local Steering Committee dedicated to moving from the current conflict based processes to dialogue based resource planning was appointed. This phase of the initiative will involve the development of a comprehensive management plan to guide the future use of the marine resources and marine spaces in the Southwest New Brunswick section of the Bay of Fundy, and to protect its habitats & resources. A series of community forums will be held throughout the planning area with dates and locations to be advertised. "The Bay brings important benefits to many coastal communities in this area,” stated Loyola Hearn, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The marine sector and the community have a shared responsibility to care for these resources. Together with the province, we support this initiative that guides the sustainable future use of these resources.” “This is an exciting new approach to shared management of one of our most precious natural resources,” said New Brunswick Fisheries Minister, Rick Doucet. “I encourage all citizens with an interest in the future of our bay, to make sure their voices are heard.” Members of the Public are invited to visit the website:  or to contact the Chair, Susan Farquharson for information on how they can become involved.

Community Input

The Southwest N.B. Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee encourages and supports all input from members of the community relative to policies or other items from meeting agendas or issues considered to be of significant public concern. Click Here to send us your comments