Marine Advisory Committee - Mandate

Terms of Reference


  • The Marine Advisory Committee envisions a future in which the Bay of Fundy is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. 
  • It is intended to add value to existing processes without duplicating them and to help to provide community input and a greater focus on the overarching issues and priorities in the Marine Resources Planning (MRP) Area. 




  • The purpose of the Marine Advisory Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to federal and provincial governments on relevant policies, processes, strategic matters, or issues of significant public interest related to new and existing activities from a non-sector community-based perspective.  
  • The Committee will not review individual day-to-day applications from departments, except if requested by departments or if deemed to be of significant public interest as agreed to by the Advisory Committee and Government Secretariat Co-Chairs.  
  • The Community Values Criteria (CVC) and local knowledge provided by its members through interaction and communication with local community members will be used to help guide the Committee in developing its consensus-based recommendations or advice.  




  • Advisory Committee members will be appointed by the N.B. Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (DAAF) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) for a term of up to three years.  Appointment of members to subsequent terms will be permissible. 
  • Potential Advisory Committee membership candidates may be identified for consideration by the existing Advisory Committee members (by Phase III Steering Committee in inaugural phase) in collaboration with the Government Secretariat. 
  • The Deputy Minister of DAAF and the Regional Director General of DFO Maritimes will serve, on a rotating basis, as Co-Chair of the Advisory Committee.  A citizen Co-Chair will also be selected by the Advisory Committee from its membership and may serve in this capacity for a maximum period of three years. 
  • Final recommendations or advice to government departments will be established by consensus and when differing views may exist, these will be recorded and also communicated to departments.  
  • Individuals will be appointed on the basis of their knowledge and expertise relative to the MRP Area and their ability to participate and contribute in a constructive fashion.
  • Advisory Committee members will provide individual perspectives, knowledge and expertise from their diverse backgrounds, but will not represent specific sectors or interests.  
  • Advisory Committee members will be expected to regularly interact and communicate with members of the public from their area relative to Advisory Committee activities and to maintain an understanding of the community values and views relative to issues.    
  • The Advisory Committee’s composition will be limited to a maximum of 15 members and may include individuals with knowledge or expertise in the following areas (suggested numbers of members are indicated; some members may have knowledge/expertise in more than one area): 


  • Commercial Fishing – two members;
  • Aquaculture – two members;
  • Fish Processing – one member;
  • Tourism – one member;
  • Transportation – one member;
  • Energy – one member;
  • Conservation/Environmental – two members
  • Local Government – one member;
  • First Nations/Aboriginal – two members;
  • Educational – one member;
  • Communities – three members; and
  • Economic Development – one member.


  • The composition of the committee may evolve in response to changing activities in the Bay of Fundy.




  • A Secretariat consisting of members from federal and provincial governments will support the Advisory Committee functions, including communications and correspondence with government departments. The Secretariat will have a provincial Co-Chair and federal Co-Chair.  
  • Secretariat members will attend Advisory Committee meetings in a non-voting capacity.   




  • The Advisory Committee will meet three times per year or as required with the government Co-Chairs present.  Additional meetings of the MAC without the government Co-Chairs may also be held to further discuss issues and work on formulating recommendations. The MAC will present recommendations at meetings when the government co-chairs are present. 
  • Meeting agendas, including items for review and recommendations, will be established and agreed to collaboratively by the citizen Co-Chair of the Advisory Committee and the Co-Chairs of the Government Secretariat. 
  • Meetings of the MAC will take place if at least one government Co-Chair is present along with the citizen Co-Chair. 




  • The Advisory Committee will direct its efforts to the existing MRP Area in the lower Southwest N.B. portion of the Bay of Fundy, which encompasses 5600 square kilometers of marine space.  
  • The Area’s eastern boundary limit is the Saint John Port Authority jurisdictional border and its western boundary limit is the Canadian - United States international border. 
  • Relative to the coast, the MRP Area extends from the high water mark to the mid-bay line in the Bay of Fundy. 





The effectiveness of the Advisory Committee will be monitored annually from a process perspective with support from the N.B. Department of Intergovernmental Affairs’ Citizen Engagement Unit and a formal Outcome Evaluation will be conducted at the end of the three-year period based on outcome indicators to be developed by the Secretariat.  The federal and provincial governments will consider the findings of this evaluation in making a decision regarding continued support beyond the three-year period. 


PROPOSED BUDGET (Shared 50/50 – Provincial & Federal Governments)

  • Meeting costs ($200.00/meeting for venues/food x 3 meetings):               $600.00 
  • Members travel ($500/meeting x 3 meetings): $1500.00
  • Website $1500.00

Total (not including Governments in-kind support or travel costs)        $3,600.00 


The committee may also make requests for funding to cover agreed activities.  This funding will be identified on an annual basis and will be separate from the above budget.


Community Input

The Southwest N.B. Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee encourages and supports all input from members of the community relative to policies or other items from meeting agendas or issues considered to be of significant public concern. Click Here to send us your comments