Jessie Davies

Jessie Davies has a Master of Philosophy, Land Economy, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 1989 and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University.  She is the retired Director of Environment and Sustainable Development at the University of New Brunswick and last year received the Earth Day Canada Individual Award and a Gulf of Maine Visionary Award.  She is the former co-Chair of the Steering Committee of the Marine Resource Planning initiative for Southwest New Brunswick and an honorary Trustee of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.  She is a former Board Member at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre and currently is a member of the Advisory Board.  Jessie is Co-Chair of Save Passamaquoddy Bay Canada and a member of Save Ocean Science (SOS), a non-partisan community group opposed to cuts to ocean science in St Andrews.
Jessie is a member of the Board Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre and a former Board member of the Fundy Community Foundation.  She is a member of the International Joint Commission St. Croix Watershed Board.

Kenneth D Hirtle

Mr. Hirtle is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, a former employee of Proctor & Gamble of Canada Ltd, National Sea Products Ltd and Connors Bros., Limited.  He served as Chairman of the Canadian Association of Seafood Exporters, was a member of the Fish & Fish Products Advisory Group (SAGIT) for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and served on the Premier’s Roundtable for the Environment and the Economy for New Brunswick.

He is retired Sr. Vice President of Heritage Salmon Company Limited and has experience in international sales and marketing in both the traditional fishery and aquaculture industry.

Ken is a former President of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick and Chair of the Agrifood Seafood Value Chain Roundtable in Ottawa.

Ken and his wife Linda have two sons, two granddaughters and currently reside in Bocabec, N.B. and Cape San Blas, Fla.

Lois Mitchell

Lois lives on Deer Island, NB with her husband (Dale).  Lois has a PhD in Sociology (UNB). Her thesis was on socio-economic change and the Deer Island fisheries (Making it Pay:  The Organization and Operation of the Deer Island Fishing Economy).  Amongst other things, Lois is now the Director of International Studies at St. Stephen's University (St. Stephen, NB).  She was involved in an earlier phase of the Marine Resource Planning initiative as a consultant on the cultural assessment tool. 

Lois and Dale are very committed to local efforts to promote and sustain coastal livelihoods and cultures. They have two children, both of whom are now married and living on Deer Island.  Their son, son-in-law and daughter-in-law are all earning their livings directly from the sea through the commercial fishery - as does Dale - and their daughter is an elementary school teacher on Deer Island.  They have two grandsons.

Thus, their commitment to coastal livelihoods and cultures is intensely personal as well as professional as they seek to influence policies around resource management in ways that will ensure viable livelihoods and healthy and diverse ecologies, for generations to come.

Dr. Gerhard Pohle

A Ph.D graduate of the University of Toronto, Gerhard Pohle brings over 29 years of experience as a research scientist with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (HMSC), where he also is the Associate Director and holds Adjunct Professor status with the University of New Brunswick and the University of Prince Edward Island.

As Senior Applied Projects Scientist at HMSC, and with a record of over 80 publications, he has been involved in numerous projects with governments, universities and industry, ranging from environmental monitoring and assessments, ocean energy analyses, to biodiversity issues in the marine realm. His relevant experience and responsibilities span the spectrum of project procurement, design, management and execution (incl. field work, data analysis, report writing and presentation), and the training of highly qualified personnel.

Michael G. Rouse, Ec.D.

Michael Rouse is a Certified Economic Developer, through the Economic Developers Association of Canada, with over 20 years experience in economic development.

Mr. Rouse has spent his career working with businesses and community organizations in Charlotte County with his most recent role being executive director of Enterprise Charlotte.  In his positions he has had the opportunity to participate and/or lead projects, events and initiatives throughout the county including those in the aquaculture, fisheries and tourism sectors.

Prior to entering the economic development field Michael Rouse worked in the hotel industry in Canada for several years for Canadian Pacific Hotels (Fairmont), and was an instructor in the Hospitality Program at New Brunswick Community College St. Andrews. 

Mr. Rouse has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick.  Michael Rouse is a native of Fredericton, and has lived in St. Andrews since 1987 with his family where he enjoys various sports activities as both a participant and as an organizer.

Robert H. (Bob) Sweeney, MAC Co-chair

President & Sr. Project Manager
Sweeney International Marine Corp.
SIMCorp Marine Environmental Inc.

Bob’s connection to the Bay of Fundy Marine Planning Area is both professional and personal as his family roots go back a number of generations through the MacQuoid family who whose homestead was on the front street in St. Andrews.  Born in Saint John and raised in a military family he spent his childhood years in Oromocto spending much of his time in the summers working in his grandfather’s garage in St. Andrews.  He is a graduate of Ontario’s Algonquin College returning to New Brunswick in 1978 to pursue a career in land surveying and mapping.  Early in 1982 he started what became a 14 year tenure with the Provincial Government first as a Project Manager in Crown lands with Department of Natural Resources working with coastal resource management around the province then as an Aquaculture Development Officer with the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, After leaving the government in 1996 he held Senior Production and Management positions with Cooke Aquaculture Inc and Deer Island Salmon Ltd.  In February 2002, Bob followed one of his lifelong ambitions to start his own business and started “Sweeney International Marine Corp” (SIMCorp) in the back room of his home in St. Stephen.  In 11 short years the business has grown to the point where SIMCorp now has a professional staff of 16 including Marine Environmental Biologists throughout Atlantic Canada.  In December 2008 a subsidiary company, “SIMCorp Marine Environmental Inc.”, was established in the community of Harbour Breton on the southcoast of Newfoundland with a third office and lab just recently established in the National Research Council Institute for Marine Biosciences in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The SIMCorp teams of Marine Environmental Biologists provide marine environmental assessments and compliance monitoring for the aquaculture sector in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and have also worked on projects in Saskatchewan, Chile, Mexico and Croatia.

Bob was one of the original members of the Southwest New Brunswick Marine Resource Planning Steering Committee established in 2004 and is now continuing on with the Marine Advisory Committee one of the MAC Co-chairs.

Community Input

The Southwest N.B. Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee encourages and supports all input from members of the community relative to policies or other items from meeting agendas or issues considered to be of significant public concern. Click Here to send us your comments